Angus Beef
We sell sides, wholes, summer sausages, beef jerky, meat sticks and frozen meat.  We also sell bones, organs and hides to the adventurous. 

All of our beef products are natural, grass-fed, grass finished, artificial preservative free, artificial hormone free, antibiotic free, gluten free, nitrate free, nitrite free and MSG free.  What does grass-fed and grass finished mean to JB Ranch?
Grass-fed and grass finished: Our cattle are on open pasture from birth to slaughter.  Legally, a cow has to be fed 90% grass over its lifetime to be designated grass-fed. After 280 days of gestation, we want to grow a steer with at least an Average Daily Gain of 2lbs./day to 1,100lbs. or more in 550 days or less.  Lets say it takes 550 days to grow an 1,100 lbs. steer.  That animal on average eats 25 lbs. of grass a day for a total of 13,750lbs.  We feed our cattle 3lbs. of protein cubes once a week to keep them friendly and tame for a total of 236lbs. of protein cubes during the 550 days.  13,750/13,986=98.3% grass-fed beef to your table.  While this is a simplification, it lets us explain how we produce grass-fed beef to someone not familiar with cattle, pasture grow, rain fall, seasons and animal husbandry. 
We sell raw, unfiltered honey with nothing added.  We keep our hives on trailers and park them next to ceritifed organic crops during the honey producing season.
We sell liquid honey in glass Muth jars and squeezable plastic bottles.
Our historical and beautiful Muth jars are replicas of Charles Muth's original, glass honey jars.  In the late 1800s, due to advances in technology, honey began to be sold in liquid instead of by the comb.  Charles Muth of Cincinnati, Ohio created this jar for that purpose.  We are proud to offer Kansan honey today, in one of its original American forms.
We also sell spun or creamed honey.  All natural, raw honey like ours will crystalize eventually.  Spun honey is liquid honey that is spun while it crystalizes.  This creates a spread with a peanut butter like consistency that tastes great.  Need some natural, healthy flavor to your tea, coffee, biscuit or toast?  Try our spun honey!  We have several unique flavor including: Cinnamon-Orange, Zesty Orange, Texas Rose, Walnut, Blackberry and Blueberry.
Organic Crops